About us

Tuscany is a crossroad of emotions.

A whole world full of history, art and culture, natural beauty and the charm of life.
A world where all your wishes and choices can be satisfied.
And that’s what we do for you.
We make your dreams real. We help you discover a Tuscany seen with the eyes of those who live in it and love it, and know each single aspect and event.

We’ll build a tailor-made holiday in Tuscany for you: what, when, how- you want it.
You just have to imagine it.

I have been living in Pisa for twenty years, but started wandering through Tuscany thirty years ago. I love my region, that is still able to amaze me every day with charming corners and the art and joy of living together. I like to try new restaurants and taverns to taste local cuisine, looking for authentic, not crowded places off the main routes. If you too make of your travel an experience, contact me!

Alessandra +39 3495784531
Being neither a great football player nor a Latin lover, I devoted myself to the touristic sector. For more than ten years now, I have introduced tourists from around the world to the authentic and unusual sides of Tuscany, always looking for interesting, off the routes travel experiences. If you feel like a traveller, not simply a tourist, contact me!

Alessandro +39 3206437927