Alberese Tuscan Maremma


The PARCO DELLA MAREMMA, the National park of Maremma, is distinguished by the impressive variety of the panoramas and natural environments it offers. The sight ranges from steep, wild hills descending to the seashore among marshy areas, such as the Trappola, to large sandy beaches, with the Mountains of the Uccellina in the background. The coastline is scythe-shaped and ample in many points, but also shows sheer, falaise-like cliffs. There are cropfields and pastures, pineforests and meadows, and you’ll find a variety of free animals, among them roes, fallow deers, boars, foxes, and even wildcats. The Parco dell’Uccellina is a perfect place for walking and birdwatching: a peaceful, almost sweet environment, but with a wild side. The strong scents of herbs, coloured berries and fruits, and the calls of wild animals immerse the visitor in a sort of paradise full of contrasting and ever surprising elements.

Just behind the park one finds Talamone, a delightful maritime borgo perched on a small promontory overlooking the Gulf of the Argentario. Talamone bay is a renowned bathing resort, fully fit out for water sports and especially windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. From the Fortress above one has a wonderful, breathtaking sight of the Tuscan Archipelago: the Argentario (the “Mount of Silver”), the Isola del Giglio, and, on clear days, the isles of Montecristo, Elba, and Corsica.

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