Anghiari lies at the border between Tuscany and Umbria, in the so-called Tuscan Tiber Valley. It is a sort of small jewel set upon a gravel hill, grown over the centuries because of the sediments of the river Tiber. On top of the hill lies the characteristic “borgo” protected by imposing walls from the twelfth century, so that within the typical atmosphere and charm of a small medieval city is perfectly preserved. Walking through the alleys one almost breathes the air of those bygone times, and the rhytm of contemporary life seem like a vague and far recollection after a short time. The stone houses on the narrow streets have small windows and old, wooden doors and shutters, sometimes battered but extremely evocative. The entrances and the windowsill are often adorned with flowers and plants, that add colour and vivacity to the alleys and make them even more pleasant.
The city of Anghiari is regarded as one of “the most beautiful borghi in Italy”, and as a “medieval jewel case between the Tiber and the Arno”. If you are planning to visit Arezzo, or in general this area of Tuscany, we absolutely recommend to include Anghiari among the stops in your itinerary.

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