Let there be light: art project “LUX” a Castelnuovo Val di Cecina

Castelnuovo (15)

Let there be light.
And Lux is the name that aims to transform a the “borgo” of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, a fascinating village in the Metalliferous Hills near Pisa, in a “spread-out”, huge open air museum. The medieval “borgo” will be transformed into a single unique artwork of lights and forms, under the supervision of a famous art critic, Vittorio Sgarbi, and with the artistic direction of Alberto Bartalini, who recently together organized the spread-out exhibition Rosso Fiorentino Rosso Vivo in Volterra
Sgarbi explains that such ancient “borghi” are usually condemned to look almost ugly and diminished by normal public lightning. What better solution to revive their beauty than trust an artist such as Marco Lodoli (internationally renowned for his “light sculptures”) with the task of “lighting up” the whole scene?
Starting from September 20, Castelnuovo will turn into a unique feast of lights and colours, a real joy for the sight, and every day after twilight sleepy and half-forgotten corners with live again with marvellous forms. Reality and dream will merge.
But there is more Enel Green Power will allow the plant’s cooling towers – a symbol of geothermal energy, so typical of these lands – to be used as a stage for the greatest light installation ever made. A very unusual work of art will come to life, all within the “borgo”’s traditions.
Lodola’s works – fascinating light installations, light projections, etc. – can be seen until December 31 2015.