Assisi- today a touristic destination from all over the world – rises in a wonderful position on the northern slopes of Mount Subasio, overlooking a very fertile plain. On this plain, right in the centre, the great bulk of the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli stands out. Assisi is above all the city of peace and the ecumenical meeting of all the religions of the world. Its medieval face is intact, but the vivacity of its white and rose coloured stone seems to introduce everyone to Franciscan spirituality and to the intense lives of the great Saints that blessed this land.

Assisi is world-renowned for its most cherished son, the Holy Francesco. But the city is important for other events too, moments of splendour and of war, since Etruscan and Roman times. Many testimonies are left: the beautiful Temple of Minerva, some relics of heathen temples, the Forum, the amphitheatre, epigraphs, cisterns, statues, and remnants of the ancient walls. Visitors love to wander through its cobbled alleys and discover, at every corner, something new, either surprising or moving.

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