Just a few kilometers outside Tuscany lies Gubbio, among the oldest cities in Umbria, wonderfully preserved over the centuries and rich with monuments of its ancient and glorious past. Such are the Tavole Eugubine (bronze tablets from the 2nd or 3rd century B.C., with inscriptions in the Umbrian language), kept in the Civic Museum, in Palazzo dei Consoli, and the rests of the Roman Theatre. Walking through the beautiful historical centre, one finds many artisan workshops too, where the products of the city’s traditional activities are sold: ceramics and pottery, metal- and gold-working, leather workmanship, embroidery. If you are here for Christmas Holiday, you can’t miss what is considered the largest Christmas Tree in the world according to the Records’ Guinness: it is “built” over the whole southern front of Mount Ingino, the mountain overlooking Gubbio. 450 coloured lamps and kilometers of cable are used to create it. A life size Christmas crib is prepared and located at the foot of the tree.

Gubbio means excellent cuisine too. The most cherished flavour is here that of white truffle, among other things a typical seasoning or spice for the pasta, that is prepared here according to the old artisan techniques. But there are many other excellent products and recipes, among them meat dishes, cold cuts, cheeses, and typical vegetables. A tour for both the soul and the taste.

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