A traveller in Umbria simply can’t miss Perugia. The National Geographic Traveler called it one of the sexiest cities in Europe. Chocolate – the aphrodisiac sweet food produced in Perugia in artisan way for which it is internationally renowned – probably deserves the credit. But it is also an extremely plesant students- and tourist friendly town with sinuous shapes, lying as it is on curvy hills. A somehow petite and protective place too. Perugia is an old city of rare, exquisite beauty, catering to the unconventional tourist, with a small historical centre mostly uphill, where one can freely wander and discover new beautiful landscapes from each of the many belvederes. There is a lot to see: many splendid churches, the university’s botanical gardens, the Piazza and the Palazzo dei Priori, the College of the Cambio, besides many Etruscan, medieval and Renaissance testimonies

Wonderful walking or biking itineraries wait for you in the nearby countryside, or you can just spot great places by wandering around Umbria by car. Also not to be missed are the Umbria Jazz Musical Festival (if you are there in the right periods), with a wonderful selection of performers, and the gastronomical festival Eurochocolate. Especially for those with children, remember that Perugia is the Sunday City, the first, biggest fun fair in Italy!

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