Piancastagnaio lies among beautiful groves, mostly chestnut, and before the village one finds the San Bartolomeo Monastery and Church, with their typical Franciscan architecture from the end of the thirteenth century. The entrance to the “borgo” is a crenellated gate and what is left of the great fortress of the Aldobrandeschi family, now a museum, with ancient tapestries, relics and medieval fittings.
One can walk through the typical steep alleys of the “borgo”, or make Piancastagnaio a starting point for many interesting excursions in the mountains of the Amiata, up to the Vetta. Here, in a beautiful mountain refuge, you will be able to taste one or more of the typical Amiata specialties: the hand-made “pici”, wildboar sausages, or even what is called the “ammazzafegato” (liver-killer), a telling name – but also a variety of stewed game meat with polenta, or the “torta ricciolina”, or a delightful sort of fried sweet bread called “ciacce fritte”.
The landscape view from the Vetta (top) of the Amiata is great, and so are the gastronomical discoveries the visitor can make during a long or short excursion.

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