San Miniato

san miniato

San Miniato is not so well known as other touristic resorts and “città d’arte”, and this is possibly the reason why this little city preserved its charm to the present day, in a perfect balance between nature and history. It is really a city for fine and leisurely living, the quality of life is still a common value, and people are all extremely attentive to health, well being, the genuineness and authenticity of artisan products – and excellent cuisine. There are many ancient artisan traditions still kept. There are many ancient churches and works of art, charming squares, boutiques, cafes, restaurants and workshops. The spirit of the place is uncontaminated even today, as the landscape around.

The real uniquenes of San Miniato is in the exceptional products of the countryside. San Miniato white truffles are a renowned treat in restaurants all over the world. Truffles, especially white ones, beyond their great taste, are an important part of local culture and traditions. During the month of November, the National Truffles Market and Sample Fair transforms the whole city in a lively exposition of typical culinary specialties, a sort of open-sky delicatessen. The Fair was held for the first time 42 years ago, the truffles exhibition takes place in the historical Cathedral square, at the foot of the Rocca, the Tower that is the city symbol. In the other squares around, one can taste and buy other products of the San Miniato Hills, with more products and savours typical of other Italian “Cities of Taste”. Not to be missed.

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