san sepolcro

A “gate to Tuscany” lying at the foot of the last part of the Tuscan Apennines, Sansepolcro dominates the whole Alta Valle del Tevere, opening before it on a wide hilly and mountainous amphitheatre. The old historical centre is all contained in a circle of walls bounded by Bernardo Montalenti’s gunports and the magnificent Fortress by Giuliano da Sangallo. There are various remarkable buildings and mansions from the middle ages and Renaissance times, medieval little towers and churches rich with original frescos. It is an historical centre with an author’s touch even to the present day: one feels everywhere the presence of the great son of this land, Piero della Francesca. Sansepolcro is a palio city too, with the Crossbows’ Palio and the Giochi di Bandiera (the Flags’ Games). So, if you are around on the second Sunday in September, you cannot miss the challenge between the crossbowmen of Sansepolcro and those of Gubbio, when the whole city dresses up in Piero della Francesca’s colours. Trumpets blow, drums roll, and in the Piazza Torre di Berta the Crossbow’s Palio is brought in triumph. But, walking in the streets and visiting the artisan shops, you will also discover typical culinary products from all sides of the rich Tuscan tradition: salamis, raw and cooked hams, soppressata, sausages and loins in olive oil… the many recipes, due to the border position of Sansepolcro and the Valtiberina, often show influences from Umbria, Romagna, and sometimes Marche. A joy for both sight and taste.

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