The Five Lands

5 terre1

This is a unique, world-renowned territory, in which land and sea were welded together by man and nature to form a single, picturesque complex. Eighteen kilometers of rocky coastline with coves, beaches, and deep soundings, dominated by near mountains running parallel to the littoral. Small terraced orchards and fields, where olive trees and vineyards are grown, all kept and protected by old dry stone walls. A various and untouched nature. Pathways and muletracks commanding breathtaking views.
Being far more than a sea resort, the Five Lands offer walkable pathways and trails, the possibility to walk pleasantly from one “borgo” to the others, boat trips, visits to shrines and monasteries, culture and events, and first-class cuisine and wines. And then the five “borghi” themselves: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, all hanging between sea and land, perched on sheer cliffs. Over the centuries, the work of generations turned an inaccessible territory in a landscape of surprising beauty. A Protected Sea Area and a National Park defend and preserve this unique whole. Such are, in brief, the Cinque Terre, declared to be part of the World Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO since 1997, truly a place the tourist should not miss

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