The ancient city of Volterra is a jewel that overlooks the whole Val di Cecina, down to the Tyrrhenian sea. It was one of the main places of origin of Etruscan culture and civilization, but also essential for Roman, medieval, and Renaissance culture. This long historical path, lasting three thousand years, left an unparalleled wealth of artistic and architectural testimonies. Volterra stands high in the heart of Tuscany, and is unique for its romantic and melancholic charm, for its walls and its landscapes, that turn from the view of pleasant hills to the wild, steep scenery of the “balze” (the Crags, or “Siennes Clays”), created by the restless action of wind and water during the centuries.
Volterra will surprise and move any traveller with its ever-changing views and new corners. And, in its narrow medieval alleys, one will find many little workshops, in which the ancient, typical art of alabaster-working is still practised in an artisan way. Little objets d’art can be bought at favourable prices. You will be able to visit the Etruscan Museum, the Main Art Gallery, the Sacred Art Museum, or, if you prefer, to discover a very special new world. Due to the unique geothermal characters of its territory, with its various springs, Volterra boasts a Geothermal Museum, and is also surrounded by strange, almost uncanny landscapes, to be found nowhere else (such as the “Valle del Diavolo”, the Devil’s Valley, a place which possibly inspired Dante’s Inferno). You will be able wander or even trek around, and discover many small country churches (“pievi”), castles, breathtaking natural views, and sleepy villages: all so typical of the High Val di Cecina, and all of them as fascinating as completely unknown to the tourism industry.

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