Orvieto is an ancient city set on a tufaceous cliff bright with warm colours and reflexes. On the large top, one can see an orderly array of old buildings, towers, mansions, churches and monasteries. A breathtaking sight, especially on clear days. Such a panorama fed the artistic imagination and dreams of visitors since ancient times.

One should discover Orvieto slowly and gradually. Personal emotions and discoveries become important here, due to the many suggestions of the place.

Yes, there are many important monuments: the wonderful Cathedral, one of the most celebrated in Italy, the famous and mysterious Pozzo (“Pit”) of San Patrizio, the Necropolis, the Palazzo del Popolo or City Hall. There are also famous museums. But one should go beyond these and discover the hidden charm and inner life of the city, the traces of the Etruscan and medieval civilizations, the whole, unique urban complex. It is all mysteriously mirrored by the so called “underground city”, with its partly hidden structures beneath the surface buildings, streets and squares.

Because of its position, the city is also an ideal starting point for any excursion you can dream of in the centre of Italy, by foot, bike or car. The surrounding countryside is also charming, and will amaze you at every turn of the road.

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