Rising on the top of a hill close to 900 ms high (2950 ft), overlooking a large territory toward the south, Radicofani was for many centuries one of the most important military strongholds in Italy, its main “Rocca” (stronghold) looming on the large “borgo” can be seen from miles and miles away. Outside the routes of mass tourism, Radicofani certainly deserves a visit for many charming views and details, among them the small, dark pine grove just at the foot of the fortress, with its archs, vaults and pits hidden in the luxuriant vegetation. The view on the Val d’Orcia and all the land around is truly spectacular: one can also see also The Monte Amiata, the Apennines, the Trasimeno and Bolsena lakes, and a large series of places that are easily reachable thanks to the very central position of the town.
This mighty stronghold rose on its basaltic rock spur for more than a thousand years now. At its feet was first a very important branch of the Via Cassia, later Via Francigena, and a wide territory – and the birth, development and history of the small but important town were determined by these facts. Since January 1999 also the fortress can be completely visited, with all its battlements, emplacements, and underground passages.

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